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Wired Gaming Keyboard ZADEZ GT-021K

$33.99$59.99| Save $26(43% off)

- Mechanical keyboard, design TKL 87 keys.

- HUANO mechanical switch (Blue), durability up to 50 million keystrokes.

- Rainbow LEDs, custom display with hotkeys and drivers.

- Support setting up macros, software (Driver) compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

- 1.7m long parachute cord, gold-plated USB head, anti-interference.

The disappearance of the ten-key numpad allows for more area for broad mouse swipes and better ergonomics while gaming, hence why professionals favour TKL keyboards.You have become the creator of the ultimate arrangement, featuring millions of color combinations and dynamic typing effects. Combine it with other Zadez products to achieve the most spectacular gaming setup yet.The GT-021K Red combines the finish of HUANO technology with the improved durability, performance, and satisfying tactile click of a blue mechanical switch for a superior gaming performance where you don't have to make such a choice.Many cables can make your room unclean. When it's time to tidy up the space, our all-new soft microfiber mesh cable allows for a neat space and an organized feel.


Technical Details

ConnectivityUSB Port
Cable length1.7 meters, nylon braided cord
Product dimensions360.6 x 135.4 x 35.5 mm / 14.1732 x 5.33 x 1.40 inches
Weight736.6 gram / 26 ounces
MaterialABS plastic material
Features- Rainbow LED lights.
- Support setting macros, softwares (Driver) compatible with Windows 7/8/10.
- Window lock button helps prevent the influence of the operating system from interrupting players during playing game
Compatible DevicesWindows / Mac / Linux
Package ContentsZadez's box
Use manual
Warranty12 months, 1 switch 1
Warranty ActivationActivation of warranty online by Serial Number at website



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