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Wired Gaming Keyboard ZADEZ G-852K

$32.99$40.99| Save $8(19% off)

- 11 Multimedia keys, 4 Macro keys, 3 Profile switch keys.

- Macro recording function with hot keys.

- 7 color LED lights, Laser engraved key, high quality ABS plastic material.

- Win lock button, prevent the influence of Win from interrupting the game.

Win lock button is designed to prevent Windows's Update interrupting your game experience.At the push of a button, the 11 multimedia key permits you to modify volume and settings on the go: change brightness, rewind, skip, stop, and more.Maximum support for Macro setting with 4 Macro Keys to switch dynamically in 3 Macro Profiles.Featuring millions of color combinations and dynamic typing effects. Combine it with other Zadez products to achieve the most spectacular gaming setup yet. (RGB)


Technical Details

ConnectivityUSB Port
Cable length1.75 meters, nylon braided cord
Product dimensions478 x 170 x 24 mm / 18.5 x 6.7 x 0.944882 inches
Weight600 gram / 21.1644 ounces
Material- Laser engraved key.
- ABS plastic material.
Features- 104 colorful RGB LED keys.
-  4 Macro Keys, 3 Profile Switch Keys.
- Full keyboard with 104 keys, 11 multimedia keys.
- Support 26 keys pressed at the same time (N-Key Rollover).
- Window lock button helps prevent the influence of the operating system from interrupting players during playing game.
Compatible DevicesWindows / Mac / Linux
Package ContentsZadez's box
Use manual
Warranty12 months, 1 switch 1
Warranty ActivationActivation of warranty online by Serial Number at website



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gaming keyboard new 2021

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