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Gaming Mouse ZADEZ GT-615PM

$32.99$45.99| Save $13(28% off)

- Silicone rubber on both sides.

- Chipset Pixart PMW 3360.

- Durability of buttons up to 20 million clicks.

- 16.8 million colors RGB LEDs.

With PixArt technology, you can go up to 12000 DPI for large screen and perform tilt tracking to avoid unnecessary tracking during angled drops, tilt slams, and rapid flicks. Both features will help you surpassing the competition.Silicone on both sides enhances your gripping style for superior aim and flexing. All Battle Royale, FPS, MOBA, MMO, and other fast-paced games all advantage from this item.Every component has been designed from the bottom up using hyper-durable materials engineered to endure for years, with high-grade polyme and 20 million click switches as our most premium mouse.RGB LED displays 16.8 million vibrant, vivid colors that can be used in conjunction with other gaming accessories. To provide a competitive display that will boost your RGB to the next level, choose from millions of colors and effects from reactive lighting.


Technical Details

Sensitivity1200/2400/3600/5000/8200/12000 DPI
Cable length1.8m
ChipsetPixart PMW3360
Max Acceleration50 G/sec
Max Speed250 inch/sec
Response Frequency125/500/1000 Hz (1 ms)
LEDsRGB Lighting - 16.8 Million colors
Switch Type
Switch Lifecycleup to 20 Million clicks
Weight4.409 oz
DimensionsLength: 125 mm / 4.92 inch
Grip width: 73 mm/2.87 inch
Height: 43.5 mm/1.71 inch
Feature- Ergonomic design, reducing user's wrist impact
- 7 function keys configurable via software
- Durable and anti-interference cable
- FPS: 12000, Report Rate: 125/500/1000 Hz
- Button durability > 20 milion presses
- Scroll durability > 200.000 roll
Included components- Box (retail format)
- Mouse
- User documentation
Compatible DevicesWindows 7, 8, 10 or later
macOS 10.5 or later
Warranty12 months, 1 switch 1
Activation WarrantyActivation of warranty online by Serial Number at website



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