• October 29, 2021

Last updated: Oct, 29th, 2021

PSI is an online business operation and management system developed by ZADEZ corporation. In North America market, we applies PSI system to provide the following functions:

For customers (end users - end users):

- Identify genuine products.

- Activation/registration of warranty online.

- Look up warranty information online.

- Offer a preferential program when activating a warranty online.

- Online warranty claim.

For partners:

- Assist in inventory management and inventory age.

- Monitor WOI/WOS (Week of Inventory - Week of Sales) index to ensure agency's business performance.

- FIFO tracking (First In First Out - First In First Out).

For ZADEZ’s branches:

- Manage export/import goods according to each product's identifier (Serial Number).

- Provide information about the status of goods and company resources in real time (real-time).

- Analysis of business indicators, operating indicators of the company.

- Market analysis & customer needs.

Foundation of PSI ZADEZ:

PSI system is the basic foundation to make a difference in the quality of service to customers/partners of ZADEZ compared to other brands of technology accessories. Through the PSI system, ZADEZ North America creates closer links with partners and gains a deeper understanding of customers' needs, thereby providing products which satisfies the market; supports partners to reduce costs; minimize inventory risk; optimize profits and improve customer service quality.

Accessing the PSI system in North America market:

- Website address:

- For customers (end users - end users), please refer to the instructions of utilizing the PSI system here. For business partners (distributors, agents etc), please contact the sales representative directly for further assistance.