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Review: Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse


Ever since the first laptops came out, users have struggled to use the in-built mice for large amounts of time without going crazy, or developing a kink in there wrist from the angles they need to work at.

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If you look inside most laptop bags you?ll find an additional mouse somewhere.

These mice take up valuable space and its one of the first things a seasoned traveller will remove.

The VX Nano looks to solve this problem. The mouse is small, wireless and easy to use.

It comes complete with a protective pouch and all up takes up about 20-30 per cent less space than a conventional mouse.

Logitech brag that the VX Nano comes with the world?s smallest 2.4GHz cordless USB receiver, which is about the size of an adult thumbnail.

When plugged in to a USB port the receiver is almost completely out of sight and therefore out of the way which I found very convenient.

The mouse itself is a good quality laser mouse which will work on almost any surface it has five programmable buttons plus a scroll wheel.

The mouse is a good size for a portable and feels comfortable in hand.

Battery life on the mouse itself is very good and after 2 months of regular use I still haven?t changed the batteries.

Overall the VX Nano is a great portable mouse.

The tiny USB receiver doesn?t get in the way at all and the mouse itself doesn?t take up much space in my laptop bag.

The design is comfortable and easy to use with all the buttons been in logical places for mouse of this size and on top of all that it looks the part.

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