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Microsoft Unveils Laser Gaming Mouse With Enhanced Functionality


Company’s new Game Precision Series gives gamers a winning edge with new gaming peripherals.

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REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 6, 2005 — Microsoft Corp. today unveiled its first wired laser mouse, outfitted with enhanced gaming performance features as part of its new Game Precision Series. Delivering superior performance and control, Microsoft® Laser Mouse 6000 is sure to give every gamer an edge when battling on the PC. In addition, advanced software features, smart navigation tools and a comfortable design make this mouse a desktop necessity for both work and play on a PC.

“We heard from gamers that they wanted a mouse designed specifically for their PC gaming needs, equipped with features and functionality that will optimize their gameplay,” said Tom Gibbons, general manager of the Hardware Group at Microsoft. “We are now excited to say that we have answered that request with a perfect PC gaming solution: Laser Mouse 6000. Equipped with a thin, flexible cord for the feeling of wireless, gaming-specific software features, advanced laser technology and more, Laser Mouse 6000 will take gaming to a whole new level.”

Point, Click, Shoot

Microsoft’s first wired laser mouse delivers maximum precision and superior control for work and play on the PC. Its ergonomic design provides outstanding comfort, and the advanced laser technology delivers superior accuracy and performance, making this mouse ideal for everyday use on a desktop.

Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 has advanced software features that include a Precision Booster, enabling users to shift between ultrafast speed and precision control for targeting, and a Gaming Toggle that lets users easily switch between favorite weapons or program frequently used action sequences — all with the touch of a button.

The thin, flexible cord is great for agility and movement — the closest feeling to wireless while still having a wire. The scroll wheel with detents is great for desktop navigation and gaming, for amazingly accurate in-game weapons changing and scrolling. In addition, productivity-boosting features including a new Magnifier tool, for real-time enlargement and editing, deliver maximum efficiency on the PC.

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