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Zadez Technology Corporation is a professional manufacturer in digital equipment with Zadez brand. Customer satisfaction is our goal, our motivation. We try harder everyday to bring to you the products that make your digital life easier.



   Our factory is placed in Shenzhen, China.  Since establishment, we are bending ourselves to research and develop new and quality products with advance technology to make our life more style. We have R&D department with professional engieers. We develop new products constantly according to the need of market.

   Our factory have our own Moulding Workshop, Injection Workshop, Painting Workshop and Assembling Workshop, which makes us better to keep the quanlity totally undercontrol. And more, the Zadez brand have the initiactive to serve customers more than many other brands, because we aren't depend on other OEM/ODM too much. All Zadez products are designed and made by the skillful hands of Zadez citizens, the most professional, talented engineers and workers.

   We are an ISO9001 certificated enterprise. Our QC department with a professional QC team takes the very strictly test procedure to keep one thing by all cost : your trust, our precious customers. The good quanlity policy also help us to become the business parter of many world wide famous brands, as : CompUSA, HP, TECLAST, TOSHIBA, Shiken ...


  • Real-value products  :  Zadez is synonymous with real value. We always try to bring the most neccesary, usefull value to you, not the showy attributes. Serve you more and cost you less.
  • Quality policy : try harder everyday to make the product better.
  • Customer Care : We have the distributors in many region over the world : Europe, Asia, North America ... So you can find a Zadez product easily. All our distributors must have a policy : 1-1 warranty in 1 hour. We hope Zadez can become your closest friend in your daily life.
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